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How We Work?

What sets True Value Infosoft Pvt. Ltd apart from its competitors is our approach towards our project. We have a well defined methodology when it comes to working on a project. It involves a comprehensive approach consisting of different tasks that have been divided into different stages to make sure that we come up with the best web solutions for your business.


Stages of Development : Understanding the requirement

We begin with developing a thorough understanding of the project before start working on it. We take into account the purpose of project, constraints, opportunities, scope, business assumptions and the risk issues involved with it.


Developing Prototypes

The next stage involves developing a prototype of the project by incorporating all the important derivatives, assumptions, needs of the project. We carry a brain storming sessions just prior to it to come up with the best of the plan.


System Designing

The next step involves creating architecture of the project. It is building a fine frame of the project in a well planned and well defines manner. The focus of this stage of development is on project monitoring, design planning, risk management and test planning to reach to a more definite plan.


Development Phase

This is the stage of project which is connected with process of production. We begin to work on the project keeping in mind all the important points that have been worked on in the prior stages. This phase includes putting together all the latest technical and conceptual blocks to reach to a more definite solution.



We promise quality and with testing, we make sure that we have developed a quality product. Our testing panel looks into the minutest details of the project and checks them for smooth functioning so that you can enjoy an impeccable solution for your need.



Before final deployment, we put the ready application or site on a trial to ensure that it works perfectly. The purpose of the trial is to have the confidence on the functioning of the project so that it fits in the environment and works without any hassles.


Deployment and Handover

This is the penultimate stage of the whole process in which the product that has been designed is ready for delivery. It includes handling, installing and deploying the solutions. We sometimes also release a manual to help you guide use the system in the best manner possible.


Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance Every system needs support and maintenance services to make sure that the system runs with perfection. Our professionals are always there to help you with any kind of problems that you face in running the application that has been designed for your business. These services are subjective to the size of the project and the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.

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