5 Steps that can make your website fast to open in a browser

July 19, 2017
Make Your Website Fast

In this post, we have discussed 5 steps that can make your website fast to open in a browser and increase website speed. So while going for web development, make sure that you incorporate these steps to let your site open quick.

It’s a known fact, customers hate to wait. Whenever any visitor visits your website, if by any chance the website doesn’t open quick then he will wait not even for another moment and leave the site. This is because online shoppers are extremely impatient. Therefore, web developers need to make sure that a web page loads within 3 seconds or else the game is lost.

Steps To Make Your Website Fast And Increase Website Speed

1. Use New Image Formats for Size Reduction

Usually the weight of the page is because of the images on your site. Therefore, it is advisable that you use the latest image formats which comfortably reduce the image weight to a great extent without degrading the quality of the image. There are various image formats available in the markets and your web developer would surely know which one would be the right choice.

2. Watch Out Your Plugins

Plugins are very much important as they bring along new features and functionalities to the website. But when a site has too many plugins for features that make it attractive, the load time of the site will be higher. Therefore, it is important for you to keep a check on the plugins. Have all the outdated plugins removed from your website as they hamper the speed of the site. If there are plugins with duplicate functions or are no more to be used then you must have them removed as well. This would surely increase the speed of your site.

3. Configure Expire Headers

Whenever a visitor visits your website, the files of your website get stored of his system. This helps in loading the site faster when he visits your site the next time. But the file header has an expiry date and once the expiry date is reached, the files are automatically removed. Usually this expiry time is set to 24 hours by default which you can configure to never time out or set it to some other date. This would again keep the load time less.

4. CSS Sprites to Combine Images

When there are lots of images on your page then there are various roundtrips of the server which ultimately results in slow load speed. By using sprites, you can comfortably combine various background images on a particular page into one. This would also help in saving your site from slow speed issues.

5. Go with Compression

In order to work on the speed of your site, you can also try compressing resources. This would easily reduce the number of bytes sent by a page over a network, thereby speeding the site. You can use various compressions available in the markets to achieve this goal. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to have consistency across the HTML and CSS codes of your site so that the content can be compressed easily.

Make sure that you discuss these steps during the web development process to make sure that your web developer doesn’t take the speed of the site lightly!!!