What features you need to add your website to attract your visitors.

May 22, 2017
What features you need to add your website to attract your visitors

Aim of every website developer and designer is to get more and more visitors on it. This is one question which is asked most often because businesses want traffic on their website. Despite having great content, amazing portfolio and impeccable web designs, your website fails to attract visitors. Surely getting traffic on your site is not easy but there are some amazing features which if added to your website can do wonders.

Here is a list of features which you must have included in your website to attract greater numbers of visitors.

1. Have a wonderful blog

Usually all the websites maintain a blog page, but that is not enough. Just posting pictures of the recent event, introducing the new product will not make it wonderful. You will need to post fresh, appealing and interesting content on regular basis to invite the traffic on your website. It has to be attractive enough to get the attention of the visitors.

2. Appeal And Functionality

A website has to be good to look at but not without functions. You have to constantly work on making it prettier and including more features. Remember, visitors will not take long to leave your site if it doesn’t appeal to their eyes. Then the next step is to offer them something which can hold them on their site. This would include various functions. Including validation is also an effective way to indirectly tell them about your value.

3. Use Compelling Headlines

The art of writing headlines involves coming up with headlines that compel the visitors to read what is inside the post. Headlines make an integral part of the content and have to be used right. Therefore, it is important to spend extra time on coming up with headlines which visitors find irresistible. This would help you create stronger impression.

4. Invite Guest Blogs on Your Website

You can invite people from the same industry or niche to write blogs on your site. As they will share then link of their article on your site, you are expected to have new visitors come on your site. This is a two way process which can be another effective way of attracting visitors. Make sure that the content that is posted is of high quality.

5. Guest Blogging

Another important thing that you can do is guest blogging. In order to build your brand and get more traffic on your website, you can have a guest post secured on a good site. But make sure that you adhere to the guest blogging standards to get more traffic.