Basic On-page SEO optimization for any website

May 04, 2017

A site without basic on-page search engine optimization is incomplete as it will not be able to connect your site with target audience. The purpose of SEO is to not just please your visitors but also the search engines. If you are looking for on page SEO optimization company in Jaipur then True Value Infosoft is the answer for all your SEO needs. This is a renowned IT company catering its impeccable services to meet wide spectrum of IT requirements by companies from different industries.

In this post, we have discussed basic on page SEO optimization for any website which can be of great help in making your site a success. So read on to have a better understanding of on page SEO optimization.

Know What Search Engines are Looking For

The first and the foremost thing is to know what search engines are eyeing at. Here is a list which can of help to you:

  • Content: All the content on the website which includes text on the page, tags, titles, descriptions etc. is the most important thing search engine focuses on.
  • Overall User Experience: Ease of navigation, safety of usage, look and feel of the site determine the overall user experience and search engines are very serious about it.
Know What Search Engines Don't Want

Our motto is to impress search engines but sometimes we end up investing our time and efforts in things that search engines are not looking for. Here are a few of them which we all must avoid:

  • Poor User Experience:If user finds it difficult to navigate your site, if the designs are too loud, if there are safety issues involved with your site then it all adds up to a bad user experience which search engines cannot stand.
  • Stuffing Content with Keywords: Too many keywords can make it a suffocating situation.
  • Purchased Links: Go for genuine links as purchased links can again hamper your ranks.
Optimizing Multi-Channels

With social networking playing a strong role in successful web presence, you need to make sure that your keyword strategy is not limited just to your site. Make sure you use include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. under the purview. Also ensure that usage of keywords extends to your emails, newsletters and advertisements.

Consistency with Domain Names

Here are some useful practices in maintaining consistency in domain names:

  • If you are purchasing an old domain name, be sure that the previous owner has not done anything to ruin the image.
  • Using keywords related with your page in URL will make SEO optimization easier.
Understand Your Business Model

It is important that you have complete understanding of your business goals as this will help you have a clear picture. Pose questions in relation with your business to have more clarity on what you want.

These are a few points which are important to keep in mind while selecting on page SEO optimization company in Jaipur.