How mobile event app betters event management public relations

April 07, 2018
How mobile event app betters event management public relations

Event management is a discipline that that needs attention to a lot of aspects like the event times, the content, the logistics, the trophies, the catering etc. Out of all these aspects, the promotional aspects are especially vital, since that engages the attendees and helps the event in being successful. The world of mobile apps offers limitless potential in this regard and can be tapped to simplify event management public relations.

Features and benefits of mobile app for events
  1. Well-Organized presentation of the event details- A mobile app can capture the details about the event like the venue, the time, the list of special guests and the major attractions in an effective manner. The presentation can also be spiced up by the dynamic interactions like swipe and pinch-zoom offered by the mobile medium.
  2. Mobile app is dynamically updatable- This feature is very useful as a single app ‘container’ can cater to several events. The app’s content can be refreshed with new content, hence serving more and one events. The app’s content can be edited as well (which cannot be done in print media) in real-time to make last minute changes to the event.
  3. Mobile app can capture user inputs An event management mobile app can engage users by capturing their valuable feedback and comments about the event.
  4. Mobile appcan integrate with social media An events’ app can encourage users to like special moments in the event or share them. All this creates buzz around the event and helps in its promotions.
  5. Mobile app can be tracked for user information and behavior A mobile app can be tracked to know who accessed piece of information and the kind of content being liked can also be traced. This information becomes useful marketing material that gives great insight into the workings of the attendee’s minds.

Hence, a mobile app can drastically benefit the public relations activities surrounding an event. A mobile app is a powerful medium that should be utilized by event organizers to make their events better and more successful.