Expected web design trends for 2015

January 25, 2016

With the beginning of a fresh year, new trends are expected which will revive and revamp the old. Whether you are a designer by profession or just a businessman planning to have a site designed for your company, you must know about the expected designing trends for the year 2015. It is important to know what will bring a big change in the way sites look before hiring a website designing company in Jaipur or anywhere else in the world.

Go through these amazing trends that can change the way world looks at your site and make sure that you have them included in your site by availing website designing in Jaipur from a professional company.

Split Screen Layout

This is surely one of the most interesting design trends that are expected to be seen this year. It is a type of vertical break that will divide the portion of the page into parts. For businesses offering two or more important products or services, it is a perfect layout which gets the attention of the viewer on those limited offerings. Though it is not suitable for everyone but it is surely a wonderful way to have your site designed in a new fashion.

Big Visual Headers

This is another thing that will be on the list of the designers for this year. Though it is not a new trend but the contents of the header will be shifting which will make them look different and new. Having a moving content at a slow pace will surely give your web page a new look. This is something really very eye catching and impressive.

Hidden Menus

In order to have much simpler designs, designers are now going to go for hidden menus. Menus will be hidden behind tabs and buttons and they will not interfere with the design of the site until and unless you wish to explore them. Having menu on the homepage is an old style and with hidden menus you can surely give your site a new look.

Parallax Scrolling

This is yet another very interesting way to have a unique layout for your site. You can blend parallax features with other impressive designing elements to have something special for your web page. This is a wonderful option for all those companies who want to have a creative and exquisite site which can define the innovation.

Long Scrolling Websites

This is another trend that will make your site look trendy and comfortable to browse. With users migrating to smart phones, designers have come up with the concept of long scrolling websites which are much easier to look on. Simple scrolling keeps you sorted as you don’t need to switch from one page to another that to on a small smart phone screen.

Before hiring services of a website designing company in Jaipur, discuss all these important latest features to have them included in your site to make it look new and attractive.