The essentials for a small business website

February 13, 2018
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With the growth in popularity of websites, having one has become indispensable for business owners. While you plan to design your eCommerce website, you must keep certain things in your mind. Whether it is a website for small business, or for a mighty player in the field, each and every website must adhere to simple rules that will help in getting you the desired traffic.

Responsive design

Responsive design is possibly the biggest requirement for the websites these days. With Google all set to launch the mobile-first algorithm soon, you must ensure that your website is responsive in different devices, particularly phones and tablets.

Proper CTA and location

You must mention your location and contact details in a clean and easily-readable place as most people would want to contact you if they like your work. Ensure to keep the CTA highlighted and interesting, so that it attracts their attention.

Secured payment gateways

If you are an owner of ecommerce websites, then you must ensure that the customers do not have any apprehensions about making transactions over your payment gateway. Ensure safe and secured payment transactions.


You probably know about SEO already. It is one of the important factors that list you on Google pages. Your site must be optimized with respect to the search engine results. You must ensure that the content on your website is SEO based and ranks you higher on Google

Besides these basic points, other things that are important include the UI and UX of your website. You must also concentrate on the social media profiles of your business to harness the most of today’s technology.

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