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Mar 25, 2022
Online Learning Web and Mobile App Platform

Recently we connected with the emerging name in digital space, Mr. Nasrullah Moshfiq from Global English Hub, United States of America ‘via’ our third-party websites and it was quite an experience.

He has with his experience and expertise in the digital space, filtered the best and latest web and mobile app development companies globally from various ranking sources of researching platforms like CLUTCH, Medium and many other. With this research, he then selected the best and top 7 mobile application and website development companies for technologies (Node.js, React.js, React Native) and diligently delivered the project’s requirements and specifications.

In this article, we present to you a relevant solution with SRS, SDS, and Scope Document that covers and is all inclusive of underlying complexities.

    The Vision & Objective Behind This Project:

    The vision is a broad segment and will contain of a large summary, however let’s just focus on the key elements and primary objects associated in this project:

    The Primary Objectives:

  1. To enable free grammar level sessions with a native explanation and make students vocabulary comprehensive

  2. To enable the students to purchase a lexicon with grammar and vocabulary specified in their native language

  3. It ensures and provides assistance from tutors on-demand.

  4. It ensures and provides assistance from tutors on-demand.

  5. It facilitates the tutors to schedule their free time to connect with and teach the students.

  6. To become a great app for tutors and getting them a competitive commission and allows them to earn up to 15 USD/hr through this digital platform

  7. To be beneficial for students as well! They can get a free grammar level – vocabulary lessons along with their regular online learning.

    Tools and Technologies Used In the Project:

  1. Framework: React

  2. Platform: Native Android, iOS

  3. Backend: Node JS

  4. Frontend: React JS

  5. Programming Language: JavaScript

    How Was The Overall Development Journey?

  • The overall development journey was not a smooth one and the development teams didn’t pass while working from home. Of course, they were faced with some homebound distractions but it made them save on a regular commute as well – for example, daycare drop off for them resulted in more early morning productivity. It impacted them to deliver the work with high latency.

    How Did Our Tech Lead/Project Manager Manage to Play Out?

  • We initiated the project by discussing the project ideation and vision, the crucial requirements and the underlying objectives that needs to be fulfilled. Then working together we have uncovered the most crucial elements that influenced the effectiveness of the assignment and our subsequent project journey.